Cats on trees

A girl and a boy, A piano and drums plus a mesmerizing voice, Virtuosity and energy.
Cats on Trees found the perfect osmosis, the mix of rhythm and sounds that talk to your body … and soul.

Born in 2007, revealed from stage performances and a first EP spotted by specialized press, those freedom-loving felines took their time, the time to do it right. For three years, Nina and Yohan have cleverly let their project mature, testing, erasing, starting again from scratch, exploring. Not as maniac researchers but more philosophically. Enjoying every moment to make the best out of it. Real-life as raw material, everyday stories on what matters the most, real personal feelings that turn into universal; all of it grafted on an innovative framework served by drums/piano and bringing brand new emotions. Their music is a combination of essential essences in the history of music, from shamanism to romanticism, the heartbeats and the saunters of the soul.
Along the way in building the album, new perspectives and new sounds followed; such as those intense waves of strings, arranged by Albin de la Simone, which expand the topic and do sound like a genuine orchestra. But there's also another echo and width, transmitted by the work of Pierre Rougean and Jean-Christophe Urbain on acoustic guitars. Those two friends go back and forth between brilliant pop and easy listening pop, and stick to it. You either want to dance or sing along. It's sharp, it's shiny, songs you can relate to and in the end it creates new perspectives.
A rainbow of emotion, always pure, deeply touching, caressing and suddenly her voice is soaring beautifully.
Cats on trees
Cats on Trees - Credit : Ana Bloom
Yohan Hennequin
Yohan Hennequin - Credit : Ana Bloom
Led by the inventive rhythm of Yohan, combining warmth, sweetness and conviction, Nina's voice covers a wide range of the musical landscape from Agnes Obel to Feist. A rainbow of emotion, always pure, deeply touching, caressing and suddenly her voice is soaring beautifully. It's intimate and in constant search for authenticity, the Cats On Trees depict their lives, and thus our, on a giant and more colourful canvas.
Nina Goern
Nina Goern - Credit : Ana Bloom


(featuring Calogero)

Love you like a love song
(Selena Gomez cover)


Sirens Call


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